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Toys are commonly seen as a way for kids to play and discover their creative side. But, there are toys that can also help children understand science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Australia is famous for its expansive outback, stunning beaches, and diverse wildlife but it's also becoming famous due to its STEM toys. Toys that help teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics are becoming more popular in Australia since parents want to provide their children with the best possible education.

One of the top STEM toys is Cubetto, which is a wooden robot designed to teach kids how to code. Cubetto is a massive success in Australia and has seen parents line in line to buy one of their children.

Other well-known STEM toys include littleBits, a kit of electronic building blocks that allow kids to create simple gadgets; and Roominate which is a building toy that helps girls learn about engineering and architectural design.

What are STEM toys?

STEM toys are toys that allow children to learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It can range from dolls to blocks to board games.

Australia has a range of STEM toy options available for children. Some of the most well-loved Australian STEM toys include Cubetto A wooden robot which can teach kids to code. There's also littleBits, electronic building blocks that allow you to create the gadgets of your choice.

STEM toys are a great means for children to learn about new subjects in a fun and interactive method. They can also assist in developing creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Why are STEM toys important?

STEM toys are important because they assist children in understanding important subjects at a very young age. Toymakers are constantly searching for stem toys intros the next breakthrough to capture the attention of children and parents. According to an analysis by the National Retail Federation, in 2017 sales of traditional toys and games totaled $20.5 billion, a decrease from $21.6 billion in 2016. However the it is worth noting that sales for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) toys and games went up in value from $2.3 billion to $2.8 billion during 2017, which accounted for 11 percent of all toys sold last year.

There are a variety of reasons STEM toys are so important. They help children develop problem-solving skills as well as critical thinking abilities. In addition, they encourage youngsters to take on their careers within science as well as technology. Furthermore, they help teach youngsters about their surroundings and how things work.

STEM toys are especially popular in Australia.

Australian STEM toy companies:

There's been a recent rise with the manufacture of STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Math) toys in Australia. The country has experienced an explosion of toy companies which specialize in the creation of learning toys which focus on these subjects. Most of these businesses are family-owned, small businesses which are dedicated to creating novel products.

One such company is Cubetto who makes the wooden robot toys. The creator of Cubetto, Filippo Yacob, was inspired to create the product after becoming aware of his son's discontent with conventional toys. He wanted to design an educational toy that would help kids learn to code from an early age.

Another Australian STEM toy business includes Technology Will Save Us. This company creates DIY kits that allow kids to create their own gadgets. Their products range from a solar-powered car to the weather station.

Australian STEM toy products:

Australia is a nation that is well-known for its innovations and creativity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) areas. Australian toy manufacturers are responsible for the creation of many of the most loved STEM toys in the world. These toys include the Laser Pegs building set, that lets children build 3D structures using vibrant plastic pegs. They also have Osmo the tablet-based learning program that uses games to teach children math, spelling and other subject areas.

Australian STEM toys are highly sought-after not just in Australia however, they are also popular throughout the world. In fact, Laser Pegs building set has been sold in over 70 countries, and Osmo is being purchased by parents from more than 120 countries. This popularity is likely due to the high quality in Australian STEM toys.

Different types of STEM toys:

There are numerous types of STEM toys available, and it can be hard to know which one is best for you child. Here's a look at the most popular types of STEM toys, and what you can expect from them.

The math and science toys allow children to learn about basic concepts in those disciplines. They typically take the shape of puzzles or games, and can be excellent ways of introducing children to the latest ideas.

Technology toys help children learn to use technology securely and efficiently. They can include anything from electronic games for coding to kits that let children create their own devices.

Engineering toys teach children how things work and how they can be constructed. These toys may allow children to build bridges , homes, or even cars.

Robotics toys give children an introduction on the exciting world of robotics.

Where to buy STEM toys in Australia:

When it comes to buying STEM toys that are available in Australia, there are a number of places that you can visit. A popular choice is called the Australian Geographic Store, which has a variety in science as well as technology toys. If you're looking for something specific, like an atomic kit, or a chemistry set, they're sure to have it.

Another excellent place to search is online. There are a number of specialists STEM toy stores that deliver Down Under like Robotshop or Thames & Kosmos. They typically have more options than the local shops, they also offer some products for less. Make sure to consider shipping costs as well as the delivery time when you compare prices.

Remember to also check your local department store or toy shop. They might not have particular STEM section but they'll likely have several science-themed toys that can help foster your child's enthusiasm for science as well as technology.


STEM toys Australia are a wonderful way to introduce your children the basics of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. There are a myriad of types of STEM toys available in Australia, so you can find the ideal one that is suitable for the child in your household. STEM toys will help your child to acquire new skills as well as develop their problem-solving ability. They can also help your child stay interested in learning and help them stay motivated to continue their education.

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